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Kung Fu is the Chinese art of fighting/defence and if taught well, consists of being efficient in combat at all ranges from the longest distance (weapons) to the closest (grappling). There are many styles of Kung Fu which have developed over hundreds of years with each style honing through combat it’s own specific skills and benefits.

The KUNG FU ACADEMY specialises in a range of these arts including our Flag ship ‘Huen Kuen’, also Lau Gar, Wing chun, Fa Kuen, , as well as a myriad of other awesome hand & weapons systems (see Syllabus).

The Kung Fu path is one with many routes, depending on where you wish to go with it. Its main path is combat/defence but delivers so much more;

o Improves coordination
o Improves posture and balance
o Improves flexibility and strength of joints and muscles
o Reduces stress
o Increases aerobic fitness
o Increases health
o Self Discipline
o Cultivates energy so that you look and feel younger



The Kung Fu Academy is pleased to offer professional step by step instruction that will guide you from being a complete beginner to an advanced practitioner. On top of this we pride ourselves on the Academy being fun, friendly & functional.
The Academy is part of the Wei-t-o kung fu organization and is recognized by the British Counsel for Chinese martial arts (BCCMA).

- Instructor is First Aid Qualified and CRB checked.



Easy!!! Just either pop down on the night you choose and watch a class to see if it’s for you, or providing you’ve no health issues that might be a problem you can jump straight in. (Please arrive 5 minutes before class starts).

Alternatively you are welcome to contact Sifu Jerry Burgess and discuss any questions or concerns regarding starting as well as ensuring there are places available (Contact Us).

All you need to bring is clean tracksuit bottom, plain t-shirt and a bottle of water/sports drink. You pay just £14 for your first 2 classes after which you & the Sifu will have a quick chat to see if both parties are happy. After which you’ll able to apply for your BCCMA license and full induction into the Academy (Payment is made in the first week of every month).








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