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Bath Kung fu Academy - Membership

Bath Kung Fu Membership


Attend our '2 Trial Beginner Sessions' held at each of our venues. This will introduce you to the principle foundations of Kung Fu.

You then atttend your chosen classes the following week. Our lessons will guide you from being a complete beginner to an advanced practitioner.

The Academy prides itself on being fun, friendly & functional.

Bath Kung Fu Fee Structure

Beginner Sessions - Two Trial Sessions

- Juniors: £10
- Adults: £15

Option 1 - One Class a week

- Adults - £37 per month (Class length 1½ hours)
- Juniors - £28 per month (Class length 45 mins)

Option 2 - Two Classes a week

- Adults - £52 per month

Option 3 - Three Classes a week

- Adults - £62 per month

(Adult Classes are 1 ½ hours in length)


Membership Application

Before your Bath Kung Fu Membership can begin, you will need to do the following:

Please e-mail or call us on Tel: 0774 8901183
with your name, contact number & preferred class.




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